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(aka Mysmereyez-mesmerize)

Sensual Dance Instruction



Hey, hey! I’m Mys

Certified Sensual Dance Fitness Instructor 

I have over 4 years of experience in dance movement. And over 15 years experience as a Master Communications Coach. I took my first pole class in 2014. Then in 2016 I came back to it and fell in love. For 2 1/2 years I trained 5-6 days a week in dropins and level series. I became completely addicted to the body appreciation i’d discovered in this form of self expression. Appreciation I’d found for the very first time at age 28. Truth time? I never wanted to teach sensual dance. I wanted to just be a student FOREVA! Fate had other plans and I’ve since become SEXIFY and Xpert certified. My ultimate goal is for students to use sensual dance to discover body appreciation and be shamelessly proud of what their bodies can do. This sport is my mountain with no top, and through my extensive training in communication I coach each student to the peak of their individual journey.

Beauties, I teach both choreography and technique based drop ins as well as Level Series, privates, parties and workshops with a mix of pole/chair/floor work/lap-dance/striptease dance styles. My personal expression is sexual, flowy, technical, surprising and intense. Or so I’m told by my pole-mom and students. In my deeply critical mind, I am just moving to the music and discovering my body. Join me!

Mys will definitely help you get in touch with your inner and outer sexy! Baby girl knows her stuff and exudes love of teaching it to her students! I’ll be back Mys! Thank you for that awesome experience.


Omg! Mys exceeded our expectations! She was super attentive and professional! An amazing dance instructor! She made us feel so sexy and beautiful. Will be sure to take the moves she taught and put em to use. Lol.


Mys was amazing, such a beautiful women with a beautiful personality. The class opened up my love for myself and my self esteem. I felt sexy and very sexy to learn. It was fun, sexy and informative. Will definitely do it again! And Mys dancing skills….. girl you betta



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