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How to Produce Sharable Content

Share branded content

The key that keeps people thinking about your services & products is always giving ‘em what they want.  You have to consistently produce branded sharable content. If you’re thinking “Mys we know, we know but honestly it’s not that easy”,Oh I know. I also know that you can do this.

If you’re like me, then fully understanding something helps you do it better. Implementation is scary when knowledge isn’t the foundation – it’s like having driven only once in your whole life and then being thrown into a Nascar race: a disaster!

When you want this content marketing machine to work for you…

You have to consistently produce branded sharable content. Each word has its own significance and you have to bring the viewer all of these things to be successful. Let’s get to the brass tacks – understanding what this means for your business – and visit each component, on its own.

Oh by the way, we’re working backwards ;-P


Content – You have to come up with great ideas that other people will be interested in.  Duh right? Studying the blogs you love and who may even be competition is great – smart even. But you can’t just copy from everyone else and expect that you’re going to make a name for yourself.  You have to create something unique and marketable.


Content is not just the copy on da’ page. It’s everything! Your videos, copy, marketing materials…everything that makes up your page is the content. For our purposes we’re talking about the written and visual stuff you put together in a report, ebook or pdf. Just so we’re clear – It should offer solutions.


Think about that…Why did you clik on this post in particular?


Because you thought you’d find the answer to how to create branded sharable content. It resonated with you and where you are with your business right now.


The answer is that it all comes from understanding what you’re doing so that you can begin doing it more effectively.


Fact is, you already have the content thing down. You’re providing articles, blogs and likely a free offer (typically a pdf) to get your target to trust you, like you, buy from you. If you’re struggling with putting a lil’ oomph in your content, you should check out my past post on how you can whip your Voice into shape.


Back to my point…


You have content. You should have great content. Content that’s so valuable you question if you should charge for it because you’re pouring heap loads of practical, profitable stuff into it.

Content worth sharing.


Sharable – When your market sees your blog or your video, you want them to be excited enough to go out and tell everyone they know on Facebook, Twitter, and every other SN about how great the content you created is.  Get your content out wherever it is viable, whether that be on a blog or on all of the most popular social media websites.


Does sharable content have to be bite-sized to be captivating? Or are longer, in-depth pieces going viral? Let me know in the comments


So, sharable…subjective right? You’re thinking there’s no formula for what one customer will like and another thinks is just aiight?


Both are true. The topic is definitely subjective. That’s why knowing what your target wants and needs right now is essential.


Sharable has a formula. Here it tis. To make content sharable –

  1. It must be worth reading. All that means is that ya got to know what the people want and need right now. No point in pouring yourself into content that will just sit there. Make sure there’s demand.
  2. The headline better say something. The headline has to be more than SEO keyword-ed up. Tell them how you solve their issue. Up front.
  3. Imagery, imagery. Give folks something to look at. Infographics are great for creating branded sharable content, especially if you strike while the irons hot.
  4. Talk to me not at me. This isn’t an article son! Sharable content has a personality. Keyword, personality. Talk to someone specific, make the read worth their time – and they’ll decide it’s worth someone else’s.
  5. Link love baby! No pdf or report is complete without links within the piece that are relevant to the topic. It’s two-fold, you get traffic to older content and you give the reader additional solutions. Valu-add!
  6. Make it easy! If I wanna tell my network about your amazing ebook, make it easy for me. Here’s a great blog post about how to add retweet buttons to your pdf’s by Social Media Examiner.
  7. Realize that no one cares, not even the perfect prospect. Not one person wants to know what great new piece of info you have. They care about the solution you can offer. So when you’re marketing, tweeting and status updating keep the solution the focal point.
  8. And don’t forget to brand it baby!


Branded – You want the viewer to come away knowing who YOU are!  The content has to scream your brand.  Sure, a video of a supermodel could get tens of thousands of views for your product, but you’ll end up with 10,000 people who have no idea what you are selling.

Branding at this level is about who you are. Why do people buy from you? Why do they like you? Even new launches have separate branding from their guru creators. So your service will need to as well. BUT, knowing who your customers think you are will help you create branding that resonates. And it helps you sell the crap out of anything you put out!


Produce – Okay so you’ve come up with a great idea and have gone through the effort of putting it all together. Now what? I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve had whose hard work just sits around collections dust, when it could be generating leads and income, sheesh. Like Nike says, just do it!

Put it out there! Don’t be stingy with your brill-eeee-ance, share it so the people you set out to help can find it. More importantly, producing is about the action of promoting as well. Putting it out and expecting one status update or tweet to go viral only works when A. you’ve done all of the above and B. you have a list of loyal brand advocates already. So get to work my friend.


And then we have the mecca of this here info.

The one thing that if left undone will sink your efforts.

Seriously, if you ignore this last necessity kiss your business bye-bye.

Dueces! I think creates a more ruthless dismissal and is appropriate.

Ignore the following and peril!


You have to do everything we talked about….



Dude (and dudettes), just because you had some success once doesn’t mean that you get to sit back and expect your customers to keep coming back indefinitely.  You’re not done yet!

Shoot, today customers have developed attention deficit and turn immediately to the direction of the offer that’s out there now. They’ll simply get bored and your sales or page-views will plummet!

Your offer isn’t the center of the web-verse (although it’d be awesome if we could work that one out with Google right?)

Remember what we agreed on above? Keep them happy. And they’ll keep talking about your brand.

Our simple principle: consistently produce branded sharable content.


It doesn’t mean drown your readers in the same message. It means rinse and repeat the above. This process isn’t a one trick pony. Sharable content isn’t enough. You have to build on your momentum by doing it again and again. I’m here for you if you get stuck, just never stay stuck!

When you put your goodies out there and let people know that they are dealing with a business owner that is really giving their all into providing solutions, your audience will reward you with sales. You want that don’t you?  I know I do. So, get to it and if you need help, talk to me!


As a matter of fact…

I could use your input. Which type of content gets shared more – bite size and concise or lengthy and informative?


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