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5 steps to social media consistency even if you miss publishing a blog post(or several)


















 Itz been one of THOSE past couple weeks.

C’mon…you know what I’m talking media engagement strategies

Job A. from 9am to 4pm..home…cook…job B…

And in the midst of all that finding time for you relationships to grow.

Or at least not fall apart yes?

So how do people like Michael Strahan do this every day? Seriously.

                                                                                 He’s high profile and gots 2 jobs! That boy good.

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social media consistency


You and me…not so high profile.

But it feels like a ton of pressure and stress when it seems you just can’t keep up with it all.

And what sucks worse, you can quickly become irrelevant.

The problem isn’t social media consistency- it’s losing momentum

How can anyone expect you to stay consistent with your social media, your blog and the non IM components of your business?

Because the issue isn’t the consistency. Not really.

The issue, the maddening, nail biting, migraine triggering problem is momentum.

When you’re on, you’re 1000% committed and everything is falling into place.

But when life is falling apart and your income stream is drying up the last thing you have the gumption to do is socialize online.

Then you feel guilty as hell every day that goes by and you miss the boat.

You’re losing momentum. Scrimping for wherewithal. And mad at yourself, at circumstances at everything.

But you just don’t have to be.


Don’t play yourself-You have the time

You do. And you know you do.

That’s why you feel guilty. Because instead of scheduling your social media posts for the week, outlining your blog posts, or rewriting the product descriptions for your Etsy biz you watched Scandal on Hulu.

You goofed off at a critical time.

We all do it. But you have to be smarter.

Don’t justify it with the idea that you needed to take a load off.

Granted, you likely needed too.

But if that break just makes you feel worse, is it really a break?

Right about now you should be asking me how you can actually accomplish social media consistency in an hour.

Or, thinking being consistent in your social media takes more than scheduling, and you can’t possibly engage AND schedule your weeks posts, in the same 45 minutes you could take in Kerry Washington.

Think again.


BizSugar (and company) make social media consistency a breeze!

Aiight, so, now we’re back on the whole scheduling automation tip. A kick that I seem to stay on lately.

And if you’ve been around me a minute or two you know about the tools I’m going to suggest.

This time though there’s a time crunch focus. Along with Bizsugar, these tools make it possible for social media consistency even when you have no time to post to your blog (for a week or two).


5 Steps to Social Media Consistency when you don’t even have time to blog

(Maybe it’s not obvious yet but if you don’t have a BizSugar account, go get one. Same goes for the rest of these tools).


1. Vote. On the BizSugar homepage you’ll have a ton of articles to choose from. Pick one. Click on it. Read it. Vote for it.

If your goal is posting 2-3 times a day per network (Fb, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn) you need to read 8-12 posts.

This takes the most time but it’s worth it. You’ve got an hour, the rest of the steps take minutes, if that!


2. Comment. Only AFTER you’ve read a post should you comment. Remember blogger hate lazy ass comments, so if you want yours approved, be valuable. Ask a question, add an idea or say thanks and why you liked it. Don’t over complicate it kay?

Comment on both BizSugar and site the post appears on. No you don’t have to write 2 comments. Just Ctrl C and Ctrl V.


3. Buffer. Post each article to your buffer feed. If you’ve got the extension installed this is dead simple. Click the buffer button on the site or in your toolbar. Add a small comment of your own and click buffer. DONE!

The great thing is, you already have your buffer scheduled. So you don’t have to choose times and all the other grunt work.


4. Do Share. It sucks that G+ has a private API. It means that buffer can’t add em to the account roster…yet. In the meantime, the Do Share app works!

Once it’s set up, click the icon in your toolbar while on the blog you want to share. Schedule it, add your comment and choose your circles. Done.


5. Friend. This is another engagement activity. Build your friend list on BizSugar by friending the folks who’s sugar you vote for. If you haven’t already of course. Again, it only takes a few clicks so DO NOT skip this step!


Bonus: Use Engagio to keep track of your social conversations in one place. You can check and even respond to mentions and comments straight from your gmail account. Perfect for keeping in touch with your audience on the go!

I try and get this done on Sunday or Monday.


I know it’s hard if you don’t exactly know what your schedule looks like in advance. But make the time. Skip a show if you have too. It’s not going anywhere.

Stop pulling out your hair and don’t feel guilty about what you didn’t do.

It’s over. Now is all you have.

Take control of your social media presence. Social media consistency is so important I can’t even stress it enough! Please, take the hour and get your posting life together…at least.

What tools do you use to keep your brand relevant on social media?

While we’re on the subject Buffer this post and talk to me-leave a comment.

P.S. If you have an extra minute…subscribe I’ve got some goodies for you!

Okay, I’m off to be busy…hehehehe…Catch me round the net!