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I like blueprints.This is the intro post of the series 9 Steps to Launch a Successful Online Business.

Every biz is a bit different because every entrepreneur is unique. What makes a successful online business isn’t exactly standardized. Keep reading to master commonalities that you need to know. BEFORE you launch.

First, let me ‘splain myself a bit.

Launch a successful online business

I don’t think my story is any different than most. Every entrepreneur had their light bulb. For me, writing literally took over my life. You probably remember that from my post on writing with passion.

If not, here’s the (super) short version!

I was going to school to be a lawyer. Yea, yea I know. But it was my thing. From the time I was 12 years old and we studied the constitution, I just knew that law was going to be how I made a mark on the world.

Writing, however, was always a talent. My mom was a great writer too.

Up until I was in college, I’d never done it professionally. Then I got my first gig.

It was a wrap!

After that one writing job, I completely changed focus and began writing every chance I got.

Shucks, I would pull over out of traffic just to get my thoughts out. And an obsession was born.

But that’s not how I became an entrepreneur. It’s how I began freelancing.

Stay tuned, it gets better…

Freelancing still does not an entrepreneur make

I wasn’t running a business. I was just writing. Randomly writing.

It wasn’t until I realized my work exists because I believe in the heart of branding, that it all “clicked”.

I know (and wholeheartedly believe) we don’t buy “things”. We, the people, buy because we develop an emotional connection to the promise a brand or product makes.

We buy when we are transported to the magical and thrilling place of, “Yah, this here is a MUST.”

Once I knew that I knew that ,I created my official business.

But still, I struggled. Boy did I struggle.

  1.      Not one of my business systems were set up, thought out or measured
  2.      I left my branding on the kitchen counter a couple of time, chasing the “right way” to this or that
  3.      Since I really am not personal fan of social media I was only connecting to my colleagues, not my audience

The worst part was, with every course I took and almost every pdf or book that I read, I got farther and farther away from feeling prepared or being a true entrepreneur.

But still I wrote.

It finally fell in line

I wish I could tell you that it was this one course, or eye-opening seminar or one breakout book that switched the lights on.

Believe me I do.

I just wasn’t so fortunate.

Nowadays, there’s an in the trenches entrepreneur that’s an expert who can help.

I’m not saying there was no help 10 years ago. But these experts weren’t accessible to newbies w/o cash to invest.

They were (rightfully) charging $15k for mentoring and sit downs.


Lots of trial and mostly error

On a quest of discovery I went -Searching, reading and paying for answers.

What I needed; what truly would’ve helped me is a step-by-step blueprint of what to expect on this journey. A guide to successfully launching a business online.

See initially I was sold MORE free time, MORE money, LESS stress and that these dreams would happen sooner.

Not overnight, but sooner.

I thought right

Entrepreneurship should create the life you ultimately want for yourself. And it can happen sooner rather than years of trial-and-mostly-error later. But you have to know what’s coming.

So this is my ode.

This 9-part series is a checklist: Do this, don’t do that yet:

9 steps to Launch a Successful Online Business.

The purpose is to give you a foundation so that you don’t become as lost as I initially did and like most entrepreneurs stay.

If you want to learn how to set up your online business to make money, which you could totally do in 9 days or less, here’s what this series will cover:

  1. Getting into The Right State of Mind

  2. Branding to The Bare Maximum-Reveal and Validate Your Level 1 Ready to Ship Idea

  3. Planning-Set Up Your Systems. Simple, Quick & Awesome

  4. Help- Who You’ll Need to Hire, What You Can (And Should Absolutely) DIY

  5. Visibility. Traffic. Promotion

  6. Social Media

  7. Website or No Website-A Question You May Be Surprised at The Answer to.

  8. Your FREE Offer

  9. Things to Consider as You Launch. Resources. Yes, More Resources.

There’s an order, some structure to the list because if I knew then what I know now, this is order I’d have done stuff in. Who knows, I may have been a ba-gillionaire by now.

But I’m grateful, and I don’t regret it. The bright side is I get to share my lil’ nuggets of knowledge with you guys now! I couldn’t have had the business I have now, back then.

I know more, I’m more valuable and the climate just…feels right ya know?

I could use your help!

What advice would you give your new entrepreneur self, given your experiences?

Please don’t leave without taking action. Comment, Share it, Join the Conversation! I appreciate all your participation now and always!

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