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Consistent at being inconsistent

Sometimes you just lose it, ya know?

It’s inevitable most people would say.

Then there are those folks who are relentless.

Constantly moving. Therefore constantly growing.

Which category do you fall under?

Yes you!

Branding is emotional.

Online brands are backed by people.

And when your expertise is your business, you are the brand.

So, which is it?

Always starting over, or always moving forward?

Da only way to build an online brand from scratch (cus let’s face it no one knows you when you’re new) is to stop being consistent at being inconsistent.

Because follow-through might be more important than content.

Pause for reaction.

Build an Online Brand from Scratch

…and they will come


No one will flock to you just because you actually carved out your brand and managed to put up a website expressing it.

Hell, even when you work on promotion if you’re not consistent, hey, outta sight outta mind.

That’s why inconsistency is failure.

I know I said earlier that consistency may be more important that content when you build an online brand from scratch…

So I’ll e’splain.



How did you feel coming back from holiday-cation?

Reenergized, more focused, ready to go?

Or maybe like you missed a lot and now have to fight to get back up to speed?

That’s why consistency may just be more important than content.

Outstanding content that pushes people’s buttons, positively or controversially, is the centerpiece.

But it’s only the centerpiece.

What about the rest of the meal?

Now, you know how I feel about consistency especially in regards to your blogging schedule.

So I just can’t shake the feeling that being consistent at being inconsistent is failure.

Always having to begin again. Always forfeiting momentum.

And for what?

The “holiday” season? Because you’re tired? Maybe things aren’t happening as quickly as you want?

When you decide to build an online brand from scratch, you no longer have the luxury of wayward commitment.

So, how dedicated are you?



Inconsistent brands rise and fall

biz fail chart

Just like that chart, when you aren’t consistent, neither is your business.

One minute you’re racking in subscribers, mentions and dough.

The next, you’ve been forgotten about and have to rebuild your presence all over again.

If you want to build an online brand, and have it become successful, stop using a steep hill as your terrain.


Build an Online brand from scratch: staircase it

When I went to the SBA for help building my first business plan, I learned something invaluable.

Granted this was what 7+ years ago, but it’s relevant now and I believe it always will be.

Building a brand is like walking up a staircase.

You take one step and decide to take another if it looks safe, once you’re ready.

You don’t expect to get to the top of the staircase by walking on an incline.

You’ve got to step up. Literally.

When you’re building an online brand from scratch, treat the process like a staircase.

Each step being a new goal.

Take  a step, evaluate and step up to the next goal or readjust and then take the next step.

This way you can damn near ensure positive growth.

I mean how in tarnation can you reach the top of the staircase unless you step-up to each stair when you’re ready.

Now this is not to be confused with complacency.

‘Cus when yous a looking at all the stairs in front of you, you realize what you’re made of.

Standing still isn’t an option. Climbing down isn’t an option.

So suck it up, reevaluate and climb!

How else do you expect to get what you want?


Aight, that’s my kick in da pants post. I thought it only right to start off this way as this being the first post of 2013. Besides, I needed the kick in bum myself. So let’s go people!

What do you think about consistency? Can it help you build an online brand from scratch? Lemme know in the comments.


Please don’t leave without taking action. Comment and share this tough love motivation with someone who needs it, kay?

Later gators!