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Social Media Tools

social media tools

*Smacks Teeth* Awww man.

Got-Clone-flabbat…I forgot. AGAIN!

Or is that just me?

I go through that little mini tantrum above more often than I’m comfy admitting.

Yes. I make up non-swear swear words to express my irritation…with myself.

I literally “forget” to keep up with social stuff.

And it’s so frustrating because I love being in the know.

But being able to keep up with all the great stuff going around and post my own content…yea…gets overwhelming.

I haven’t found an all in one social media marketing tool that schedules, keeps me connected to my convos and those of my friends all in one place…oh and that’s easy to use.


Social media tools aren’t free…typically.

Or haven’t you heard?

Top social media tools include sprout social, hoot suite, social bro and a hand full of others that actually work really well.

Trouble is, I’m not that into social media.

I know it’s value, I use it for my biz, but I’m no social media marketing consultant.

Not by a long shot.

And right now, my biz doesn’t have 2-3 accounts per platform and a small army of dedicated social heads scouring the net to keep up with it all.

So for me, the costs aren’t justified.

That said, I need to do a better job.

I know I do.

I keep it candid round these parts so this post really started a month or so ago when I began looking for an easier way to do all this.


Can you actually manage all your conversations from your email?

Once I decided to revamp my half-assed social effort I found this promise from this social media marketing tool that stopped me in my tracks.

Engagio-Manage online conversations in one place…and from your email.


*Rubs chin, raises brow* Uhm yea right!

Prove it!

So I click-a-dy clicked and signed right on up.

Oh did I mention it was free?

Anyhoo, I signed up and began tinkering with it.

Low and behold, there it was.

Social media marketing tools


A FREE social media marketing tool to the rescue

Shut me right on up.

After I added the chrome extension, I went back to the site.

In my dashboard I added the accounts I wanted to monitor, (FB, Twitter, G+), and went back to my gmail to check out the new digs.

Okay here’s the thing about me.

When it comes to tenacity and wherewithal, I’m a soldier.

By the time I actually complain about something, where someone can hear, it’s pretty bad.

Now with the exception of talking to myself (ie “I’m hungry”, “I need to go to the store” yadda, yadda), people that know me personally can attest.

I soldier through and hunt solutions like a rain finds a newly washed car.

I’m on it!

With social media though, my inconsistency used to baffle me.

Then I realized, it’s just not my thing.

I’ll bite the bullet…for a while.

Then life happens and it’s further and further down on my must-do list.

So I need stuff like to help me keep consistent.

No excuses!

So how has it worked out? How does it actually work?

It’s Video time!

Check out my vid below for a looksee at the platform and some of the cool things you can do like follow convo’s you’re directly having, convo’s from your friends you’re not a part of, email alerts on topics of interest (think Google alerts), and of course the Gmail Google Chrome extension.


Engagio Social Media Marketing Tool


Pretty cool, jes?


What social media marketing tools make being social less overwhelming?

Don’t forget to comment and lemme know whatcha think.

Oh, be a pal and share this video with your networks. Only if you think it rocks. Cool?

Catch ya round the social-sphere…


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