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Hey, hey!

I’m dropping in to discuss a little subject that is often brushed under the rug…


Or in other words — the things you’re doing right now that are stunting your growth and stifling your bank account.

top 3 mistakes stunt achievement

So, I’m sharing 3 big-time mistakes people make when they try to achieve their deepest desires. Are you doing any of these things?

Mistake #1. They focus on numbers, not culture.

As a corporate professional, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the math of the offer. Vacation time. Bonuses. Travel. We do this with anything really because we’ve been taught that the metrics are how we measure success.

We’ve all been there. But if you really want to turn your plan into your achievements, then you’ve got to know: it ain’t just about the numbers.

It’s also about the culture and relationships.

You could be a CEO, but if they don’t feel connected to you or excited about the life and culture you create, then you’re going to have a hard time building a successful career or business or community project.

Creating relationships with your tribe — rather than just growing the amount of people you lead — is a skill. And one that you should hone if you plan to succeed.

Mistake #2. They try to do it alone.

This has got to be one of the worst things you can do for yourself if you really want to grow and succeed in your career…or your LIFE!

In my first year or two of my business, I spent my time following people on social media, but rarely ever took those relationships to the next level.

I could go days without actually speaking to another person.

No doubt, it stunted my growth.

Instead, you should aim to have at LEAST one person that you can regularly connect with to get feedback from and bounce ideas off of. As humans, we need that sense of community. Success is never done in a vacuum.

By the way, when you register for The Impactful MasterClass you’ll be paired with a mastermind partner — another student, strategically selected to be a good fit for you, who is there to offer advice and encouragement. BOOM. Connection accomplished.

Mistake #3. They use hacked-together strategies from 347 different programs and then wonder why they constantly start over instead of actually achieving their most important outcomes.

You don’t need 5 bagillion strategies. You don’t need to read 800 blog posts on a certain topic.

The most successful peeps are the ones who use a system, not just one-off strategies they found through Google.

I’ma be straight witcha: much of the information you can find online is outdated and unhelpful. Sometimes, that outdated or free info can even be just plain wrong or misleading. (I know, completely sucky)

So, rather than trying to piece together strategies from 50 different websites and leaders, you need to create a system.

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