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You scared-10 nonsense reasons you won't write a guest post



Don't be scared to write a guest post

Oooooh lookie all da’ pretty lights!

I wanna be him when I my business grows up.

Who wouldn’t?

Metaphorically in our IM industry, having your name in lights means recognition, influence and a thriving online brand.

Hell, maybe you just wish more people read your blog.

(Don’t we all?!)

There is sooooooooo much buzz around this here topic.

“How to become an authority in your niche”. Or, “how you can build a 100,000 follower blog in a year”.

Uhm, yea…about that.

The main advice these days, and something I personally vouch for, is to write a guest post.

Exposure, recognition, subscribers maybe even make some sales-I’m game.

Just like you were when you first heard the advice.

But will writing your first guest post actually help you, or not?


Write a Guest Post to solve your blogging problems…or not

Writing a guest post has literally been linked to solving common blogging issues, becoming an ‘expert’, dating Kim Kardashian…Oh wait scratch that last one.

You get my drift.

So when you decide to write a guest post, you’re doing so with stars in your eyes.

Hope in your heart and expectations to boot.

Let’s assume for arguments sake you’re a damn good writer.

Why not throw in there that you have your branding down to a T.

Your problems are increasing traffic, and making a name for yourself amongst the “god bloggers” who taught you some of the tactics you use to create your blog.

Writing your first guest post will not solve your problems.

Even if you write a guest post for Technorati or Basic Blog Tips.

Sorry to burst the bubble.

It will however get you more exposure, traffic and perhaps subscribers if done right.

So don’t overthink it and put it on a pedestal.


You Think too much, and guest post too little

Yea, I think we can agree that there are obvious benefits to being featured on a big blog.

I’ll even concede that the process takes a bit of time.

What I can’t give an approval rating for is procrastinating to write a guest post because you’ve drummed up a nonsense excuse.

‘Cus unless your fingaz are broken, every hour of your day is filled up, someone threatens your life or you faint at the thought of it…shut off your mind and write your first guest post.


Write a Guest Post Already

Or else, I’m not gonna be your blogging friend anymore!

Okay, that’s not true.

But I’ll be sad when I don’t see your point of view on my favie blogs.

You have your reasons you say?

Bet I know what they are!


10 Nonsense Reasons you Won’t Write a Guest Post

1. You’re Stingy. If you write great content why give it away for free?

You’re also missing the point. Even “god bloggers” guest post. They do so because they are willing to leverage the receiving audience and offer value. That’s what it’s all about.

Don’t kid yourself. The relationship you build with the host blog and its audience helps you, sometimes even more than it helps the host site.


2. Fear ye the Commenters! What if they heckle my shit?
Then they heckle you. In all seriousness, if you choose a blog that fits your topic the audience is already receptive. It’s not likely your post will be a flop.

But, if you’re writing on a controversial topic like, hmmm, Facebook Promoted Posts, where passionate opinions (and research) back you…

You may get some naysayers. So what?

You won’t melt away. Be gracious. Be honest and have open dialogue.


3. Oh god blogger, I bow to you. Sometimes you have to toot your own horn.
Stop with the ‘they’re better than me’ mentality. If you’re doing what you need to, which is providing real value, you’re just as deserving of readership as they are.

Blogging success is just as much about marketing as it is content. They may be a better marketer, but that doesn’t mean they are better. Stop thinking and write a guest post for pete’s sake.


4. Well what had happened was… “See I had this guest post idea right, but then I got a phone call and I lost my mojo for it”.
Make excuses, or create success.

Simple as that. The guy that’ll get up a 6 am and grind out a 12 hour shift will kick your “8 hours max” ass every time.


5. If they don’t like it, you’ll curl up and die? Yea, no…revisions are likely. Top blogs expect astounding quality. As they should. They have top writers and bloggers contributing, if you’re to join the ranks, keep up.
So, what if you write a guest post, submit it, and are asked for revisions before it’s accepted? You gonna turn them down?


6. I’m just not that good a writer. Then stop blogging.
If your slop is gourmet enough for your poor audience but sloppy-dee slop to the host blogger’s than you need to stop blogging.

Nope, no empathy or encouragement here. I’m sick of reading the crappy content myself. Put us all out of our misery.

Now, if you’re exaggerating, like you probably are with this excuse, try it anyway. All you can hear is no!

Do your research, find an appropriate host blog, follow them, engage the audience through commenting and then submit your guest post per their guidelines.


7. See man! They beat me to it.
9 times out of 10 what you discuss isn’t so niche that no one’s covered it AND there’s a huge blog already in existence for it. So yea, your topic has likely been covered.

Just not by you.

If you thought that way you’d never open your mouth. You’d be terrified of giving any opinion or advice, or posting on Facebook ‘cus someone else said that already.

But you’re not are you?

Write like only can. Your voice is unique.

When you write a guest post find an interesting angle on your topic, or ‘say’ it like only you can.


8. I, I’m, I’m just not ready! “My landing page is down, I hate my blog’s background, blah, blah, blah”.
But are you blogging?

Unless you refuse to blog on your own blog than you’re just talking yourself out of guest blogging.

True, it may not be perfect. If you’re waiting on perfection before you start you’ll wait forever.


9. They’re da enemy! Play nice with the competition.
Blogs in your exact category are not your enemy. If you’ve properly positioned yourself against the competition, your angle is unique from the host blog you’re considering.

So play nice! It’s a great feeling having online friends who can relate to what you deal with every day in your business. Don’t shun them.


10. There’s just no time I tell ya! “I don’t have time” is a nice way of saying no.
If you don’t wanna write a guest post. Cool.

Then don’t spend time researching it and reading posts about it, secretly envying the guest author for having the gumption to do what you won’t.


All these so called reasons for not writing your first guest post all have one thing in common, fear.

Fear that you’ll take shine away from your blog, fear that you aren’t good enough, fear that you won’t be welcome.

Facing fear though is the only way to overcome it.

In business, when you’re that scared of something it’s usually a worthy risk.

Take the risk.

Write a guest post…AND submit it!

What has been your experience guest posting?

Share with us in the comments. Oh, and don’t forget to +1 and tweet this.




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